Penguin Falling Asleep

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Majalah SINERGI Edisi Istimewa [Aishiteru]

Edisi baru dah keluar!! Yeyeye!! <(^)v
Jangan lupa baca komik Mujahid Pingu dulu ya!

Assalamu'alaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah.akhirnya, setelah SINERGI lepas telah mencecah lebih 70,000 naskah terjual..Kini SINERGI Edisi Ke-10 yang merupakan edisi istimewa dan edisi bumper pula yang akan bertemu dengan semua pembaca minggu hadapan dengan membawa pelbagai keistimewaannya tersendiri..namun sebarang tempahan kami sudah bersedia untuk menerimanya..

Isu yang dibahaskan dalam Edisi kali ini merupakan isu yang sangat hangat melanda remaja kita dewasa ini, iaitu CINTA..Semoga dengan ilmu dan kefahaman yang diselitkan dalam SINERGI edisi kali ini mampu menyelesaikan masalah ujian CINTA dalam diri remaja itu sendiri..

Antara keistimewaan lain untuk sajian kita semua:
-konsep yang lebih santai & ceria khas untuk remaja
-rubrik2 baru seperti seputar teknologi, bicara siswa, sentuhan tarbiyyah, etc
-edisi kali ini yang agak tebal dengan muatan pelbagai karya seputar cinta spt (cinta sebelum nikah, couple?, tidak malu dalam bercouple, mahu berhenti couple?, survey tentang cinta, dan banyak lagi.
-komik2 bertemakan cinta yang mendidik jiwa
-dan banyak lagi keistimewaan yg lain khas untuk edisi bumper sahaja..

Kali ini, kami juga membuka kepada semua peluang untuk membeli secara borong dengan harga yang menarik untuk ktia semua memberikan dokongan menyebarkan SINERGI di tempat kita..Boleh terus hubungi kami melalui emel atau 019-4544871.

Pengedar-Pengedar Utama yang boleh dihubungi:
1. Utara (Perak, Kedah, Penang & Perlis) : Fakhrullah (019-4544871)
2. Tengah & Selatan (Selangor, KL, Melaka, N9 & Johor) : Nor Suhaila (019-4505536)
3. Pantai Timur (Kelantan, Terengganu & Pahang) : Siti Rahayu (013-9489809)
4. Sabah : Siti Hajar Dzulkapli (019-5313605)
5. Sarawak : Syahir (013-4606006)

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Penguins - Lessons to learn

Penguin. Who doesn't love them? Very elegant in water, with torpedo-shaped body, they often play and show off their skills in the water even if the weather is bad. But as soon as they spring up from the water onto the ice, they suddenly transformed  into an awkward waddler. <(=)"

But hey, they're cute anyway. <(^)

Many people did ask me, why penguin? Why not angry birds? Why not cats? Err.. That's too mainstream. Well, it is quite long to answer the question, but I'll do my best. I have many reasons to love them. So, I better make it in numbered list to make it easy for the readers.

1. The first thing I'm able to draw

This story goes back to year 2006, when I'm still Form 2. From that moment up until now, the drawing of my penguin have evolved so many times in order to have the best form of it; cute and adorable. You wouldn't want to see the first version of the penguin I drew. It is quite embarrassing, it looked much more like a monkey rather than a penguin, with the Doraemon Take-copter. Yeah, Doraemon + monkey. Can you even imagine?

2. Cute and adorable!

Legend has it that my gravest weakness is anything that is cute! Well, let's just say that the only cute and adorable thing that I like now is penguin. Yes, only penguin okay. For now...

3. Their characters

What are the qualities that you know about a penguin? That they are monogamous(has only one spouse during their lifetime)? Yeah, but that's not entirely correct. Most of them will change their spouse for every mating season, still we can call that a 'serial monogamy'. But that is not the character of them that gets me. FYI, for every breeding season, all of them will gather in one place making their total number reaches 7000!

For me, penguin is the most patient, toughest, determined, disciplined, respectful, cooperative, brave and most loving animal in this world! Well, even if it is not, in my heart, they're still no 1. <(^)

Why patient, tough, brave and determined? You did know that Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, the only place that can get as cold as -89.2°C(−128.6 °F)!! Ever wondered how they breed? Can they breed underwater? Do they go to any tropical island to breed? No! They have to gather at a place that is safe, strong and stable enough deep within the Antarctica in order for them to get the best place to breed, which is safe from bad weather(blizzard) and also from their enemies(sea lion etc). And the journey to get there is about hundreds of kilometers which require them to walk! Yes. They can't fly, remember. But sometimes they slide on their bellies. That makes them more adorable.

Why disciplined and respectful? When the penguins are marching towards their breeding place, each penguin will form a line and no penguin will ever cut the line. They will always follow the steps of the penguin in front of them. Also, when a penguin starts to sing(they do this to attract female penguin or to call their spouse), the nearby penguin will remain silent! And they will make sure every penguin got their chance to sing. Wow, so many to learn from them. 

Cooperative and loving. Why? After reaching their breeding destination, they'll huddle together in a formation called 'turtle'. This turtle will hold up as many penguin as possible in order for them to survive the blizzard and also the horrible temperature of the Antarctica. No penguin will be excluded from this turtle, every each of them play important role to keep the turtle stable. After the female penguin lay their egg, the egg will then be taken care by the male penguin. They'll place the egg in between their short legs and their tummy. If they don't do this, the egg will be frozen. So, for many months they will face this situation, without having the chance to rest, eat or play. The food they've collected before the marching is the only food stocks that they have. Why they do this? It's for the love towards their children. They are willing to sacrifice themselves in the coldest weather that no man can ever face in order to raise their children.

* * *

Well, it seems like that's the main reason why I love penguins. Mostly because of the lessons that they provide from their story of life. But isn't it disturbing? Because, these lessons should already be the parts of every human. We human should have known this. We should have practice this much better. Aren't we? Or are we?

That's the question. Theoretically, yes. These qualities should already be parts of human culture. But practically, you know the story, don't you? We don't have to go far. Just look at the society of our own country, Malaysia. What do you see in this "Islamic" country? For me, I can see many Muslims, but without Islam. 

Wow. Look at that statistics. And who do you think contribute the most numbers for this statistics? Is it the non-Muslims? Ha ha. You gotta be kidding me. It is non other, by the Malay-Muslims. Okay, hold on, this is not written to lower or insult any race in this country. I'm a Malay-Muslim too. I only wants to show you the REALITY! This is the bitter-truth of what is actually happening in our country. And it keeps on getting worse. We really need to stop this!

Have you ever wondered why there are lesser headlines in the news regarding the abortion of babies? Is it because it's not happening anymore? Or is it because it's happening too often that the society are getting tired of it?? Why is this happening? I mean, if this is the case, I think penguins are better than humans! Is it because we don't have the knowledge? Didn't we all got good grades for "Pendidikan Islam"? Or is it because we learn Islam only for knowledge and refuse to understand and practice it in our life? Well, I thought Islam is a way of life, isn't it? Then why aren't we practicing it?

"We have indeed created man in the best of moulds, Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low,- " [At-Tin 95:4-5]

Actually, these phenomena had already occurred in the times of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Well yeah, during their time, the jahiliyyah society only buried their daughters alive, unlike now where both genders, not buried, but thrown away like trashes. It is obvious that we have it worse. But let's look at how our Prophet manage to solve the problems. Did he make any programs or campaigns called "Tak Nak Buang Bayi"? Or maybe "Stop Zina"? Or even "Jom Tinggal Arak"? Or did the Prophet tried to take over the highest position in Mecca and ordered all people to stop maksiah even if Abu Suffyan did offer him the position? Why didn't he take it? Then what did our Prophet do? 

We all know the stories behind the house of Al-Arqam ibnu Abi Al-Arqam. We do know what Rasulullah sallahu alaihi wasalam did back there with the sahabah. They didn't organize any fancy programs, campaigns or anything nor they want to rule the place. Instead, what are they doing?

"It is not (possible) That a man, to whom Is given the Book, And Wisdom, And the Prophetic Office, Should say to people: "Be ye my worshippers Rather than Allah's On the contrary (He would say): "Be ye worshippers Of Him Who is truly The Cherisher of all: For ye have taught The Book and ye Have studied it earnestly." " [Ali 'Imran 3:79]

Yes, "Tu'allimun al kitab, wa bima kuntum tadrusun". Tarbiyyah. Halaqoh. Usrah. You can call it anything. Everything that includes the process of "studying The Quran" and at the same time "teaching The Quran". That is the solution of our problem. That will make Islam conquer not only 2/3 of the world like we did before, but the whole world instead. We are the generation that will make Islam raise again. So please, do not ever let our desires defeat us. Do not make ourselves lower, as we have already being created as the best of creation.

"We are the best Of Peoples, evolved For mankind, Enjoining what is right, Forbidding what is wrong, And believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book Had faith, it were best For them: among them Are some who have faith, But most of them Are perverted transgressors," [Ali 'Imran 3:110]

Doesn't have/belong to any "Bulatan Gumbira"? Better find it now <(^)v

* * *

I guess that's it for this post. I know, I know, kinda weird,  from penguin tale to the reality of this world we live in. Well, next time, look at the title first. <(^)" But hey, better give someone a sweet chocolate before giving him a hot volcano-like coffee isn't it? By the way, I will explain more of the things in this post throughout the time. So stay tuned! 

And before I forget, yay! My first post! <(^)v

"There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end." [Al-An'am 6:38]